A note about Copyright 著作権について

First, unless otherwise specified all photos, graphics, and text on this site are copyright by Eric Obershaw of Jcastle.info. Whether you are using something fairly or have written permission to use text or photos from this site, please reference the original appropriately.

I don't want to be unfriendly about this, but there have been many instances over the years of people using significant portions of this site without permission and even posting or redistributing text, photos and lists as though they were their own. I have spent an incredible amount of time on this site in over ten years developing the ideas and concepts, taking photos, researching, writing text, and programming the value added functions that make Jcastle.info unique. I deserve the respect and recognition for my time and resources that I have poured into this site. I am not trying to make money off this site.  There is no advertising, no spam and no tricks, but that doesn't mean that I give up my right to do so in the future or other any rights to the work I've created.

Fair Use

 Fair Use is frequently abused and misinterpreted. Just because something is on the web, it doesn't mean it's free for anyone to use. Fair Use means that you can use or quote an INSUBSTANTIAL portion of a work for NON-PROFIT reasons for your PRIVATE USE and in SOME educational settings.  If you distribute it to a large or unknown number of people for an indefinite period of time, this is definitely not fair use.  That means the point at which you use one of my images on your blog or website you are violating my rights as the copyright holder. Using a photo constitutes a substantial part of "The Work." In this case the photo is "The Work" so you need permission. 
For more information on the intricacies of Fair Use please see Wikipedia and this article about copyright for images on the web Can I Use that Picture? The Terms, Laws, and Ethics for Using Copyrighted Images


feel free to link to PAGES on this site.  Do not link directly to images or graphics and use them on your site  without permission. This is called "deep linking".  It still violates copyright and good internet citizenship because it eats up my server resources.