Usami Stone Quarry 宇佐美石丁場

The mark on this stone is three circles connected by a line. It is known as the "dango mark" because it looks like a Japanese food called dango which are rice flour balls on a stick.
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usami stone quarry description stone marked with kanji number 3
arrow marked stone partially split stone
wedge holes and mark dango mark stone
Kanji 'ta' carved stone 2 arrow marked stones
inscription claims the area for Hosokawa Tadaoki wedge holes along a large stone
view of the quarry wedge holes and arrow mark
wedge holes and owner's mark stone leavings
several stones with wedge hole marks owner's mark of up (ue)
arrow marked stones pile of stone leavings
stone leavings stone leavings
view from the mountaintop marked stones in the park
ownership marked stones marked stone in the park