Ookawa Stone Quarry 大川石丁場

This is a huge partially cut and finished stone that is perched at this very precarious angle partway up the mountain. It is actually very steep here and considerably higher than the rest of the pictures. I was having difficulty to get here and keep from sliding down while taking this picture. I have to wonder if erosion will sometime cause it to roll down the mountainside one day. Perhaps it was even cut at a higher, more level place but already slid down here. Actually, I slid about 3 meters down the hillside when I was trying to walk across in front of this stone !
More Photos
field of stones stone quarry road
large finished stone Bonaki Ishi
outline for a stone to split split stone
stone with wedge holes wedge holes
a corner of the quarry partly drilled wedge holes
sides chipped off a large stone large split stones
large stone with ya ana large split stones
large stone high up the hill partially finished stone
large stone and leavings carved family crest
owner's crest family crest and wedge hole marks
owner's mark on the bonaki ishi field of stone chips and leavings
stone leavings Split stone leavings
split on all sides pile of stone leavings
partly buried stone chips partly shaped stone
stone leavings stone leavings
stone leavings stone leavings