Nagoya Castle 名古屋城
Description This three story yagura is called the Northwest Yagura or Kiyosu Yagura. It is said that it was brought from Kiyosu Castle. It is also original and an Important Cultural Property. 
Historical Artifacts Northwest Corner Yagura (3 level corner yagura - Important Cultural Property)
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撮影時間: 2004-02-23 10:38:36 JST
main donjon and smaller one main keep and yagura
Southwest Yagura Southeast Yagura
dry moat Ninomaru and East Ninomon gate.
Nagoya7-t Omote Ninomon Gate
outer moat and main keep outer moat and stone walls
walls and moat Ninomon gate
Ninomon gate inside Akazunomon (uzumimon)
uchibori moat Nagoya Castle Map
stone walls