Nagoya Castle 名古屋城
Description The Southeast Yagura, also known as the Tatsumi Yagura. It too is an original structure and designated Important Cultural Property. The structure of this and the previous Southwest Yagura is interesting in that it is only 2 levels but actually 3 stories. The large protrusions under the roofing are rock chutes (ishi otoshi) for dropping stones on attackers attempting to scale the walls.
Historical Artifacts Southeast Corner Yagura (2 level corner yagura - Important Cultural Property)
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main donjon and smaller one main keep and yagura
Southwest Yagura Nagoya4-t
dry moat Ninomaru and East Ninomon gate.
Northwest Yagura Omote Ninomon Gate
outer moat and main keep outer moat and stone walls
walls and moat Ninomon gate
Ninomon gate inside Akazunomon (uzumimon)
uchibori moat Nagoya Castle Map
stone walls