Hirosaki Castle 弘前城
Description Minamiuchimon gate. On the other side of the gate they are actually doing some repair work on the bridge and walkway so I couldn't get over there to get a picture from the front side.
Historical Artifacts Minamiuchimon Gate (yagura gate - Important Cultural Property)
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撮影時間: 2010-05-21 09:14:14 JST
main keep Main keep from the inside
Otemon Gate Higashimon Gate of the sannomaru.
Kitamon Gate Kitamon Gate seen from inside the castle.
Higashiuchimon Gate Hirosaki15-t
Minamiuchimon Gate Hitsujisaru Yagura
Tatsumi Yagura Ushitora Yagura
main keep and moat Yoriki Guardhouse
The stone walls and moat of the honmaru north entrance. honmaru moat and Takaoka Bridge.
Mt. Iwaki and the western moat from the honmaru. moat around the ninomaru bailey
stone bridge and moat Second floor of the main keep
interior of the 3rd floor map of the castle grounds