Akashi Castle 明石城
Description Hitsujisaru Yagura. The 2 yagura at Akashi Castle, Hitsujisaru Yagura and Tatsumi Yagura, look almost the same except for one major difference that you might not spot at first. This one has a chidorihafu gable on the first level and a karahafu gable on the second. The Tatsumi Yagura has karahafu on the bottom and chidorihafu in the middle. The Hitsujisaru Yagura was actually move here from Fushimi Castle.
Historical Artifacts Hitsujisaru Yagura (3 level yagura - Important Cultural Property)
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撮影時間: 2009-11-14 15:44:21 JST
Hitsujisaru Yagura and Tatsumi Yagura Akashi14-t
Hitsujisaru Yagura Hitsujisaru yagura
Inside of the Hitsujisaru Yagura. Tatsumi Yagura
Tatsumi Yagura Tatsumi Yagura
Tatsumi Yagura Tatsumi Yagura and stone walls
stone walls stone walls
sakura moat and stone walls Nagayamon gate