Nijo Castle 二条城
Description A section of the large Tsuijibei wall around the Ninomaru. It is an important cultural property and one of the very few Tsuijibei type walls seen at castles. See the page about walls (linked through the tags below) for more information.
Historical Artifacts Ninomaru Goten Tsuiji wall (wall - Important Cultural Property)
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撮影時間: 2004-03-20 15:27:56 JST
Ninomaru Palace entrance Kara Mon Gate
Kara Mon gate Southeast Corner Yagura
East Main Gate West bridge and moat
Inner moat and main keep foundation Inner moat bridge and yagura
Ninomaru Palace Ninomaru Palace and gardens
Honmaru Palace Kita Nakashikirimon
Kita Otemon. storehouse and nagayamon of the ninomaru
Heijuumon style gate of Ninomaru Nijo17-t
Nishi Gate Minami Gate
Map of the castle grounds