Tsu Castle 津城
Founder Oda Nobukane
Year 1571
Type Flatland
Condition Other Buildings
Alternate Name Anotsu-jo
Reconstructed 1958
Admin's Rating ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Historical Site Prefectural Historic Site
Location Tsu, Mie Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Tsu Shinmachi Sta. (Kisei Line, Kintetsu Nagoya Line)
Website Tsu City
Visited November 25, 2011
Notes 築城の名手藤堂高虎のお城としてずっと行きたいと思っていたところです。現在は模擬櫓が一基しかありませんが、本丸と西の丸の石垣と堀が見事に残されています。残念ながら櫓は入れないようです。この周辺には多くの城跡があるので、他のお城との組み合わせで行く価値はあります。
History Tsu Castle was originally founded by Oda Nobunaga's younger brother Oda Nobukane as part of Nobunaga's conquest of the Ise region. Following Oda, Tomita Nobuhiro became lord of the castle in 1595 and the Tomita family ruled until the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. Nobukane's 5 level main keep was also burned down in the battle during an attack by the Western forces. Like Iga Ueno Castle, after the battle the castle and lands were confiscated by the Tokugawa and placed in the control of Todo Takatora.

Todo Takatora renovated Tsu Castle and rejuvenated the castle town. Instead of a single large main keep, he built up two 3 level yagura. The Todo family ruled over Tsu Castle until the Meiji Period when the castle was dismantled.

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  • ART    October 27, 2016 at 10:52 PM
    Tsu Castle has high ishigaki (stone walls) and a large moat segment. There is a yagura (turret) of three-stories which is nicely designed although smallish. Whilst I was in the castle park, a large number of Pokemon trainers of all ages, sizes and backgrounds had converged. There was even a film crew. Since many castle sites are now parks I have seen many Pokemon trainers of late.
  • furinkazan on My Page    May 07, 2014 at 10:10 PM
    After Matsusaka-castle, i went to this one. It's about 2km from Tsu-station. I have nothing else to add than the commentary below, just that trees are again blocking some views of the ishigaki. The site is a beautiful park.
  • RaymondW    December 11, 2011 at 09:10 PM
    The autumn leaves are also at their peak now at this castle site. This was the third castle ruin that I made it to today after two others in Mie.
  • RaymondW on My Page    April 02, 2011 at 03:08 PM
    After visiting Matsuzaka Castle and Tamaru Castle, this castle was a bit of let down. Unlike the other two castle ruins in the area, all the outer baileys of this castle site have been built over. The city hall is where the Ninomaru used to be, a NTT building is where the Yozoukan used to be, and the inner dry moat (uchibori) is filled in and now a park. Only the honmaru is left. There is one reconstructed turret (Ushitora Yagura) with plenty of the honmaru ishigaki still around with a water moat on the north and west side. There is a nice statue of Takatora Todo, the great castle architect, in the middle of the honmaru near the tenshudai. The sign about Todo is in English and Japanese. This castle ruin is about 15 minutes walk from the Kintetsu Shintsumachi Station. As it has a reconstructed turret and a statue of Todo, this castle site just made a two-star rating. If you are running short on time in Mie, visit Matsuzaka Castle and Tamura Castle before Tsu Castle.
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Tsu, Mie Pref.
Tsu Castle views
Reconstructed 3 story yagura Reconstructed Yagura
Reconstructed yagura Reconstructed yagura
Entrance to the Nishinomaru Bailey Uchibori Moat
Nishi Kurogane Gate stone walls Main keep foundation
Main keep foundation Main Keep foundation
Uzumimon Gate Stone Walls outside the Uzumimon Gate
Tsukimi Yagura foundation Along the top of the stone walls
Stone walls of the main Uzumimon Gate and Main Keep foundation stone walls near the Ushitora Yagura remains
Uchibori moat Stone walls and moat
Stone walls Honmaru stone walls
Honmaru stone walls from across the Uchibori moat Inui Yagura Fuondation
Nishinomaru stone walls and Uchibori moat Map