Ogimachi Castle 荻町城
Founder Uchigashima Tameuji
Year 15th C.
Type Mountaintop
Condition Ruins
Admin's Rating ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Historical Site Local Historic Site
Location Shirakawa, Gifu Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Shirakawago Bus Stop; walk up the hiking trail or take the bus to the top of the hill for the lookout point
Visited October 21, 2016
Visitor Info. Park, open any time. | Time Required: 15 mins.
Notes 白川郷へ行けばきっと展望台にも行くとでしょう。そのついでに城跡も見てみてください。白川郷と合掌造りの家もとても面白いので城跡の写真と一緒に数枚を掲載させてもらいました。
History Uchigashima Tameuji was commanded by the Ashikaga shogun in the mid 1400's to move to the Shirakawa area to control the rich mining operations in the area. Uchigashima established his main castle, Kaerigumo Castle, about 6km from Shirakawa and setup a network of smaller castles in the area including Shirakawa Castle. In 1585, there was a great earthquake and the entire Uchigashima clan and the castle town of more than 300 homes was destroyed in a landslide. Yamashita Ujikatsu who was the commander of Shirakawa Castle at the time moved to Nagoya and worked for the Tokugawa on the construction of Nagoya Castle.

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Shirakawa, Gifu Pref.
Ogimachi Castle views
Castle entrance Horikiri trench and earthen embankment
Horikiri trench Horikiri Trench
Main bailey and entrance Main bailey
Castle seen from the Shirakawa Village Shirakawa village