Fujihashi Castle 藤橋城
Founder Fujihashi Clan (?)
Year 1500s
Type Hilltop
Condition Ruins
Admin's Rating ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Historical Site Local Historic Site
Location Oume, Tokyo
Map Google Map
Access Kabe Sta. (Oume Line) or Higashi fume Sta (Oume Line), 35 min walk.
Visited May 24, 2015
Visitor Info. park open any time, it's also about a 20 min walk from Imai Castle. | Time Required: 20 mins
Notes 小さい近所の公園としてはなかなかいいけれど、言われなければお城があったことはわかりにくいでしょう。明らかなお城の痕跡はあまりありません。わざわざ駅から歩いていくほどのお城ではないと思います。私は自転車で今井城から勝沼城まで行く時に寄ってみました。
History Some earlier records claim the castle belonged to the Hirayama clan, but the Hirayama clan were not leaders in this area so it would not have been logical. Some records from Hojo Ujiteru mention a Fujihashi Kosaburo as being a retainer of the Mita clan who were powerful in the area. This may have been a fortification manned by the Fujihashi, but little else is known.
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Oume, Tokyo
Fujihashi Castle views
Entrance to the main bailey Earthen embankment
Main bailey North side of the main bailey
North external bailey Path through the park
Main bailey Main bailey
View from the main bailey South extended bailey
West side of the main bailey Watchtower site
Earthen embankment West side of the main bailey
South external bailey