Aki Castle 安芸城
Stone walls of the masugata gate entrance
Picture Donated by Raymond W.
Founder Aki Chikauji
Year 1309
Type Hilltop
Condition Ruins
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Historical Site Local Historic Site
Location Aki City, Kochi Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Aki Sta, (Tosa Kuroshio Line); 30 min walk
Website Kochi Pref - Aki Castle
Visitor Info. Free | Time Required: 40

Aki Chikauji founded this castle in a well defended position between two rivers in 1309. The Aki was one of the strongest families in the area and ruled over the eastern part of Tosa until the Sengoku Period. In 1569, Aki Kunitora attacked Chosakabe several times but eventually found himself under attack at Aki Castle. As supplies ran low and the castle defenders took ill from a poisoned well, Kunitora offered to surrender and take his own life if his people were saved. After the fall of the Aki, Chosakabe's younger brother Kosakabe Chikayasu became the new lord of Aki Castle. Aki Castle served as an important staging area for Chosakabe's incursions into the Awa region. After the Battle of Sekigahara, the province was awarded to Yamanouchi Kazutoyo who stationed his retainer Goto Tameshige as the new lord of Aki Castle. The castle was decommissioned in 1615 under the One Castle per Province law, but the grounds and fortifications stayed in use until the Meiji Period as a local earthwork fortification.

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Aki City, Kochi Pref.
Aki Castle views
Stone walls of the masugata gate entrance
Stone walls of the masugata gate entrance Earthen embankment and moat
Stone wall remains Earthen embankments
Earthen embankments Stone wall remains
Inner moat Stone wall remains
Bailey bailey
Honmaru bailey A street from the samurai district
gate from a samurai home Inside a samurai home