Ashigara Castle 足柄城
Founder Hojo Ujitsuna
Year 1536
Type Mountaintop
Condition Ruins
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Location Oyama, Shizuoka Pref.
Map Google Map
Access Ashigara Sta. (Gotemba Line), 120 min hike
Visited April 3, 2010
History Ashigara Castle sits atop Mt. Ashigara where it controls traffic along the Ashigara road, a vital link between Sagami and Suruga. At one time the Tokaido Road also ran through here. The castle was built around 1536 by Hojo Ujitsuna and renovated by Hojo Ujiyasu in 1555. Ashigara Castle served as one of the important defenses against Takeda Shingen's incursions into the area. Much of the castle was destroyed in battles with Takeda in 1568, but due to its strategic importance, the castle was rebuilt and expanded. In 1590, Hojo Ujitada, then lord of the castle, fled to Odawara after he heard that Yamanaka Castle had fallen. Ashigara Castle soon fell to ii Naomasa and was afterwards abandoned.
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Oyama, Shizuoka Pref.
Ashigara Castle views
horikiri horikiri
horikiri and baileys scene from the third bailey
horikiri and bailey second bailey
horiki and first bailey first bailey
bridge bridge and horikiri
sekisho, guard and tax station map